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Fernando S., Moore R.K, Cameron D., Collins EC., Millings A., Sharkey A.J., Prescott T.J..  2016.  Automatic recognition of child speech for robotic applications in noisy environments. Submission to Computer Speech and Language, special issue on Interaction Technologies for Children. arXiv:1611.02695 [cs.CL]
Conference Proceedings
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Cameron D., Loh E.J., Chua A., Collins E.C., Aitken J.M., Law J..  2016.  Robot-stated limitations but not intentions promote user assistance. . AISB 2016. 5th International symposium on New Frontiers in Human-Robot Interaction..
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Cameron D.., Fernando S., Collins E.C., Millings A., Moore R.K., Sharkey A., Evers V., Prescott T..  2015.  Presence of life-like robot expressions influences children’s enjoyment of human-robot interactions in the field.. 4th International symposium on New Frontiers in Human-Robot Interaction..
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Cameron D., Aitken J.M., Collins E.C., Boorman L., Chua A., Fernando S., Law J..  2016.  Framing Factors: The Importance of Context and the Individual in Understanding Trust in Human-Robot Interaction. . IROS . Workshop on Designing and Evaluating Social Robots for Public Settings
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Reidsma D., Charisi V., Davison D., Wijnen F., van der Meij J., Evers V., Mazzei D, Verschure PFMJ, and 11more.  2016.  The EASEL Project: Towards Educational Human-Robot Symbiotic Interaction. Living Machines. . Biomimetic and Biohybrid Systems.